Nail Salon Business Plan

Nail Salon Business Plan

Nail Salons supply a personal service to a predominantly female clientele which involves applying false nails and nail extensions, and decorating or embellishing fingernails according to requirements. They are proficient in manicure techniques and knowledgeable about hygiene and health issues relating to their profession.

The desire to have beautiful nails first began in ancient Egyptian times when the rich would wear shapes made out of gold, bone or ivory on their nails to differentiate them from servants and slaves and to show that they did no manual labour.

The fascination with long, beautiful nails has continued to grow over the centuries and is now a multi-billion pound industry.

Modern enhancements began about 30 years ago, first with paper and then with plastic. Now, thanks to technological and procedural advancements, there are a number of different nail extension methods. Nail art is now a thriving market encompassing everything from nail piercing and jewelry to paint effects.

Nail technicians supply a personal service to a predominantly female clientele, which involves applying false nails and nail extensions, and decorating or embellishing fingernails according to requirements. Technicians must also be proficient in manicure techniques and knowledgeable about hygiene and health issues relating to their profession. Many local authorities now require technicians to register as practitioners with their local environmental health officer.

Technicians often work from a converted room at home, but they may equally be found in beauty salons and nail bars in department stores, shopping centers and airports. Mobile technicians are also increasingly popular, as busy customers appreciate the flexible hours and personalized service. The demand for nail technician services is growing as women have increasing amounts of disposable income, which they are keen to spend on treatments that will ease the stress of everyday life.

Nail technicians are usually beauty therapists who have chosen to specialize in the technique of applying nail extensions and nail art. Highly skilled nail technicians are in great demand, with nearly three quarters of all salon owners reporting that there is a shortage of skilled, professional nail technicians.

Nail products are now big business, and some of the best-known names in health and beauty have taken advantage of growing demand to develop or apply their name to branded nail treatments, colors and gels. This reflects a worldwide trend towards personal care and beautification. The market for beauty products and services is highly developed, specialized, and beginning to appeal to men as well as women.

However, the market fluctuates according to national economic conditions. It is a luxury service, and can suffer when the surrounding economy slows down. Nevertheless, the situation is currently bright for this sort of treatment. There is a long-term trend towards increased spending on beauty treatments in general, and nail enhancement represents a significant proportion of this growth. Women are more independent and have more disposable income than ever before, but often have less time in which to indulge themselves. In this context, nail treatments are popular with the cash-rich, time-poor professional.

Health and safety is becoming an increasingly important issue, as new hazards from the chemicals used in artificial nails come to light, and standards in salons are enforced more strictly. The replacement of substances approved for use in nail treatments with certain inadequately labeled lower-cost mixtures, and medical reports hinting at links with numerous ailments, mean that licensing is nearly universal.

The market for beautiful nails is rapidly expanding advocated by music artists like ‘Lil Kim and Mary J. Blige with their adorning nail extensions, complete with intricate art and jewelry. Nail art trends are also evident in Japan. The country’s nail art sets itself aside from any other market with its sense of precision, intricate touch and creativity. Trade shows and competitions are often held in Japan.

There are continual developments in products and procedures and it is vital to keep up to date with these trends to offer clients fashionable sought-after treatments.

Depending on their work, skilled technicians can command in excess of $200 for a set of nails. Jessica Vartoughian, for example, founded her own nail system (Jessica Cosmetics International) and regularly treats the rich and famous, charging prices to match.

Nail technicians often specialize in nail art, to complement nail extensions, making nails the ultimate fashion accessory. Nail art can be as subtle or as outrageous as the client desires. This includes free hand, stenciling or air brushing intricate designs and patterns on to nails, nail piercing, transfers and jewelry. The possibilities are endless and nail art is an increasingly lucrative market.

Health and safety is a major issue for the nail technician. Alarming media coverage cast a shadow over the industry with reports of herpes infections, unsanitary conditions and even amputation after an infection set into a client’s finger following poorly applied nail extensions. It is imperative that nail technicians are properly trained and adhere to health and safety standards.

Nail art parties are growing in popularity, particularly for hen nights and teenage parties. The parties usually combine nail art with other services such as hair braiding, body art or face painting.

Nail technicians may be employed within the hair or beauty sector working in a salon, fitness centre or hotel. Many set up their own business or go on to train others after working in the industry for a number of years.

Opportunities include freelance work (visiting people or renting a chair within a salon), working from home or owning a salon.

Nail technicians offer an assortment of services:

  • Nail extensions. There are three main types of nail extensions, acrylic, gel and fiberglass. Each system is different and needs separate specialized training.
  • Nail art. This fashionable service is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The treatments include nail airbrushing, stencils or free hand work where talented technicians create designs that range from the understated to the outrageous. Other nail art includes transfers, jewels, pressing patterns into nail paint with a variety of materials or piercing the nail.
  • Nail art isn’t limited to fingernails. Many nail technicians also offer an art service for the toenails to match fingernails.
  • There are key brands, such as Jessica, that dominate the product market and offer training for technicians. This offers a professional image for the technician and reassures clients of the quality of the service.
  • The growing interest in personal appearance among pre-teen girls is expanding the market. Pre-teen and teenage segments are increasingly important, with a larger disposable income than any previous generation.

It may be useful to work alongside a complementary business such as a tattooist or hairdresser to share clientele and overheads.

The nail technicians that you employ will need to be dedicated to consistently provide high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price. You will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.

You can operate from a beauty salon or / and also as a mobile technician as busy customers appreciate the flexible hours and personalized service. The demand for nail technician services is growing as women have increasing amounts of disposable income, which they are keen to spend on treatments that will ease the stress of everyday life.

As a quality nail salon you should be specialised in all-natural nail care. Your technicians should be well trained in natural remedies and offer a very comfortable and relaxed environment. You should provide your clients with soft music as you sit in comfortable chairs and get pampered with your low-cost high quality services.

In other words, "You sell relaxation."

In addition to being totally pampered, you should always leave your customers with tips on how to make their nails healthier, and all your technicians are trained in natural remedies.

Your Nail Salon mission should be to supply services and products that enhances your clients' physical appearance and mental relaxation.

This is a highly skilled area and currently there is a massive shortfall of skilled, professional technicians. More than 72% of salon owners have reported difficulties recruiting trained and experienced nail technicians.

The keys to success in the Nail Salon Business are:

  • Location: providing an easily accessible location for customers.
  • Environment: providing an environment conducive to giving relaxing and professional service.
  • Convenience: offering clients a wide range of services in one setting, and extended business hours.
  • Reputation: reputation of the owner and other technicians as providing superior personal service.

Going in for a routine manicure could cause some serious health problems if the salon is not following important safety precautions. Because each country sets its own guidelines, there may be little or no regulation of your favorite nail technicians

Why is getting a manicure a potential health risk? Non-sterile instruments can transmit infections such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, bacterial and fungal infections.

If the instruments are not properly sterilized, nail clippers, cuticle scissors, razors and blades all have the potential to transmit infectious diseases.

We will encourage our customers to ask us about what precautions we take to insure sterile equipment. An accidental cut at a nail appointment is common, and our customers have the right to know if their health is at risk.

Writing A Nail Salon Business Plan

Writing A Nail Salon Business Plan

Writing A Nail Salon Business Plan

Despite the downturn, small- and medium-sized businesses remain a key driver of the economy.

  • It is cheaper to start now than at any other time
  • So it needs less cash to start than at any other time
  • Your opportunity cost is small
  • People and businesses still consider some new options
  • Creative non-cash deals easier to do e.g. partnerships
  • Easier to hire great staff / consultants
  • Your positive energy amid a sea of depression will stand out
  • Cheap acquisitions

Technology has advanced to such a stage, it’s now possible to start a Nail Salon Business from a laptop, forcing the entrepreneurial doors wide open to everyone from teenagers to the retired and those who quite sensibly want to dip their toes in the water (or at least on eBay) before taking the plunge. There’s also a greater range of finance available to help make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality than ever before. Even though some of the key sources of finance, such as
banks and equity investors (which take a stake in your Nail Salon Business in exchange for finance) have been badly hit by the credit crunch, and are investing less in new businesses, money is still available. So if your idea is good enough - and presented in the right way - people will want to invest in you.

What is more, if you can gain investment in tougher economic times, it’s tantamount to a rubber stamp of success.

A Nail Salon Business Plan, to succeed in its aim of raising money, must persuade the reader that the main aspects have been properly covered. It must show:

  • that a sufficient market exists;
  • that the management will be capable and efficient;
  • that the product or service is good;
  • that the finance will be adequate to meet requirements and reasonable contingencies.

Your Nail Salon Business Plan should demonstrate all-round strength and competence. Exhibiting brilliance in one or two aspects is not enough. Attention to details must be applied to running a Nail Salon. Your Nail Salon Business Plan should cover not only the exciting aspects of the Nail Salon, but the humdrum and tedious ones as well. It is not necessary to set out in detail who will send out statements or make the tea or make sure that the corridors are clean; but the reader of the Nail Salon Business Plan must be made to feel that somebody will be responsible for dealing efficiently with these matters.

Success can be a double-edged sword. It’s great while the money keeps rolling in, but the pressure to grow has also derailed many a Nail Salon. Effective Nail Salon Business Planning can help you chart the best way for your own Nail Salon to grow. A solid Nail Salon Business Plan will also help ensure that you have the necessary resources in place to support and power your growth.

Introducing a new product or service — or entering a brand new market with a product or service you already have — is very much like starting a business. You need to think through all the same issues, from whom your customers and competitors are likely to be to avoiding threats and seizing market opportunities. The process of creating a business plan helps you develop a strategy for introducing your new product or service, and then ensures that it becomes a successful part of the larger Nail Salons.

The time you invest in your Nail Salon Business Plan will pay off many times over.

Following are some of the most obvious benefits you’ll gain from Nail Salon Business Planning:

  • A clear statement of your Nail Salons mission and vision
  • A set of values that can help you steer your Nail Salon through times of trouble
  • A description of your business model, or how you plan to make money and stay in business
  • A blueprint you can use to focus your energy and keep your company on track
  • A clear-eyed analysis of the Nail Salon industry, including opportunities and threats
  • A portrait of your potential customers and their buying behaviors
  • A rundown of your major competitors and your strategies for facing them
  • An honest assessment of your Nail Salons strengths and weaknesses
  • A road map and timetable for achieving your goals and objectives
  • A description of the products and services you offer

One of the objectives of a well-crafted, complete Nail Salon Business Plan is to create synergy. This combined effort or synergistic effect produces energy in many places within the Nail Salon. These fields of energy become an invisible force that holds your Nail Salon together. While the concepts of field theory are still relatively new as they are applied to an organization, we must believe that people working together toward common goals display a different level of excitement than a loose collection of individuals with no defined purpose. That excitement is created by lots of leaders telling lots of good stories about the Nail Salon. It is about leaders creating myths, legends, and fables of the Nail Salon that tend to attract people.

Leaders can create energy, synergy, and bonding to corporate stories by appealing to people’s sense of belonging, challenge, purpose, and contribution.

Nail Salon Business Plan

Nail Salon Business Plan

Nail Salon Business Plan

The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) process helps you focus on the internal strengths and weaknesses of you, your staff, your product / service and processes. At the same time, it enables you to look at the external opportunities and threats that impact on your business, such as market and consumer trends, competitor activities, changes in technology, legislation and financial issues.

Software packages are available to help 'walk you through' writing a Nail Salon Business Plan; some banks offer their own business planning software free of charge to customers who are planning to start up a Nail Salon Business. They tend to focus on the finance side of things, however, and usually offer very little space in which to set out the written parts of your Nail Salon Business Plan. Talk about your Nail Salon Business Plan with an independent business adviser or accountant.

Remember that presentation counts. A front cover with your contact details clearly shown will make the Nail Salon Business Plan look professional, and by using white space, illustrations and short sentences in the Nail Salon Business Plan you will make the content much easier to read.

Ask someone who has not been involved in writing the plan to proof read it to check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and other inconsistencies.

Great Nail Salons do not happen by accident!

They are planned that way.

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